5 Reasons Oliver is the Greatest Neighborhood in Edmonton

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If you’re considering a move to Edmonton, here’s one thing you need to know: Oliver is the place to be. From its shopping and history to its housing options and convenient location, this neighborhood has it all. Here are 5 reasons Oliver is the greatest neighborhood in Edmonton. 

It has the most diverse food.

Oliver’s diverse ethnic mix lends itself to some incredible restaurants. Craving pasta? Il Pasticcio Trattoria whips up authentic Carbonara that will take you straight to Rome. Need a bowl of curry to warm you up on a chilly day? Bistro India has you covered. Oliver demonstrates how a diverse community creates unique food opportunities in a neighborhood. If you live in Oliver, you’re never more than a few minutes away from any type of cuisine you could possibly crave. 

The neighborhood’s Brewery District is poised to bring even more incredible restaurants to the area, with its urban-chic design and prime location. Expect to see new gastropubs popping up in that development soon.

It’s close to downtown.

Offices in west downtown Edmonton are walkable from Oliver. And the entire downtown area is just a few minute drive away. If you work downtown and want to keep your commute short, Oliver is the place to be. The Hendrix is just steps away from Grandin LRT station that connects straight into downtown Edmonton and its underground walkways, too.

If you’re moving to Edmonton and haven’t lined up your workplace yet, Oliver is a safe bet to find an apartment. Some of the biggest workplaces are just minutes away.

There are tons of places to live.

Oliver’s residential options are as diverse as its population. While the area is known for its historic houses, there are also modern apartments springing up in the same neighborhood. Whether you’re a family of 5 looking for a home with a backyard, or a single twenty-something seeking a studio apartment, you’ll have tons of places to check out.

We’re adding over 250 more apartments to the Oliver neighborhood this Fall, with spaces ranging from one to three bedrooms, and also some street-facing townhomes. Oliver is growing to keep up with the rest of Edmonton, and this neighborhood will continue to boom and be the place to be for years to come.


You can get your sweat on anywhere.

Urban runners and bikers will always have a place to escape the city in Oliver. With its proximity to Victoria Park, Victoria Golf Course, and the river valley, a little outdoor exercise is just minutes away. And when the weather is cold and frightful, Victoria Park is one of the best places to skate in the city!

Even if outdoor exercise isn’t quite your speed, there’s a diverse group of gyms in the area that make it easy to find a workout you can stick to. Rock Jungle Crossfit is perfect for the athlete in everyone, and you can box jump, deadlift, and rope climb your way to fitness. Anyone new to crossfit can even drop in for a free class! Prefer a little more traditional workout? Body by Bennett whips anyone into shape through private and semi-private training sessions.

You can shop til you drop.

No matter what you need to buy, you won’t have to scavenge across the city when you live in Oliver. Some of the best shopping will be right in your neighborhood. For everyday errands like filling a prescription or picking up a pizza, you can get it all done at Oliver Square. Over 40 shops and restaurants are packed into one little shopping center.

We’re just a 7 minute drive or a 13 minute trip on public transport to Edmonton City Centre, where you can do all of your back to school shopping in one place. From Aldo to Trinity Jewellers, there’s a store for every type of fashion.

Does all this talk of Oliver have you considering a move to our area? We’re soon going to be leasing contemporary apartments and townhomes that are right in the center of it all. You can get a great view of the city and the River Valley, with tons of modern amenities. Get in touch with us and we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments!
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