Edmonton Eats: The Best Desserts in Oliver and Beyond

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Edmonton is an incredible city for anyone with a sweet tooth. From bakeries to chocolatiers and beyond, the city is filled with people who know their desserts. When you live in the heart of the Oliver neighborhood, you’re just a few steps or a quick transit ride to some of the best desserts in Edmonton. Here’s a countdown of all of our favorite spots to get desserts in the city:

Duchess Bake Shop

Macarons, tarts, cakes, cookies and more, Duchess Bake Shop really has it all. Located on 124 St NW, the pastry chefs at Duchess whip up some of the best sweets in Edmonton. They don’t skimp on the flavor or calories, baking everything traditionally with full fat and butter. A box of their macarons makes for the perfect last-minute gift for your holiday host this season, but you definitely don’t need a special occasion to make a trip to Duchess Bake Shop. http://duchessbakeshop.com/

La Favorite Pastry Shop

You’ve probably stopped and drooled at La Favorite’s pastry counter after breakfast at Urban Diner before. It’s hard not to. They whip up every kind of traditional and complex dessert you could want, from macarons to cakes.

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You can also simply grab a cappuccino and biscotti if sweets aren’t exactly your thing. If you’ve been tasked with bringing dessert to dinner, and baking isn’t exactly your forte, call ahead and pick up an entire cake from La Favorite. If you re-package to make it look homemade, we won’t tell. 

Remedy Cafe

Remedy is a bit different than the other bakeries and sweets spots on our list. Their dessert collection is tucked inside an Indian restaurant. While they’re known for their butter chicken, curry, and samosas, their dessert case is worthy of a trip in its own right. They offer vegan cheesecake, red velvet cake, and other sweets that will keep you coming back. They’re also open until midnight, so Remedy is the perfect spot for a late night coffee and dessert after a trip to the theatre or a concert. Remedy has five locations around Edmonton, including 124 St NW and Jasper Ave. 

Cococo Chocolatiers

If you’re a chocolate lover, Cococo Chocolatiers is like a trip to Wonka’s factory. They craft some of the smoothest, richest chocolate you’ll find in Edmonton. On warm days, you can sit outside on their patio with your dog and enjoy a coffee and gelato. And of course, in an Edmonton winter, it’s nice and cozy inside! Try their hot chocolate to warm you up. It tastes exactly like a melted mug of chocolate – incredibly rich. Cococo is a chain located across Canada, and they have locations on 124 St, and in Pleasantview in Edmonton. 

La Mademoiselle Marvelous Pastries and Cafe

La Mademoiselle takes you on a trip to France, without leaving Edmonton. They create traditional European pastries like croissants and cakes, and the service is top notch. A husband and wife locally own La Mademoiselle and ensure every dessert is freshly baked.

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They also brew incredible coffee, cappuccinos, and espresso con pannas. La Mademoiselle is located on 116 St NW. 

Cafe Linnea

From brunch, to high tea, to coffee and desserts, you can find it at Cafe Linnea. Their menu is seasonal, and sourced from local farmers and purveyors as much as possible. The dessert is out of this world. If you have room after a brunch of mushroom galette, scones, and soups, try their seasonal crepe or cake. You’ll find flavors like pear and ginger, and grape and mascarpone. If you want to splurge on petit fours and pastries alike, their high tea is elegant and delicious (though it is by reservation only). Cafe Linnea is located on 119 St NW. 

With all of Edmonton’s delicious spots to satisfy your sweet tooth, you’ll always have someplace new to grab dessert. And when you live in the bustling Oliver neighborhood, you’re close to it all! If 2017 is your year to live somewhere new, give us a call or stop by The Hendrix. We’d love to show you everything our neighborhood has to offer.

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