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Check Out Our Favorite New Restaurants In Edmonton New home, new city, new restaurants? Dining out goes with the territory when it comes to living in a new area—in fact, that’s part of the fun of exploring. Edmonton has plenty of tried-and-true favorite dining establishments that we all know and love, but we’ve also seen some new and exciting places to eat pop up in recent years. Every restaurant on this list has been open for a year or less, and they all serve delicious food.

Clementine, 11957 Jasper Ave.

If you prefer an expertly crafted cocktail to any other form of libation, you’ll definitely want to check out Clementine (although they also have an excellent wine list). The drink menu here is complex, but you can rest assured that the staff knows what they’re doing. This elegant bar in the Oliver neighborhood opened last year. The decor is French Art Nouveau inspired, the atmosphere is intimate, and they serve small plates, cheese and entrees alongside their drinks. Clementine has already made the list of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants for 2017. They also serve a Sunday brunch every week from 10-3.

Uccellino, 10349 Jasper Ave.

Uccellino is the third restaurant of a local chef named Daniel Costa, and just like his first two, it’s already incredibly popular. The reservation policy is strict here: Each table is yours for two hours (though you do get a bit longer if you have a large party), and you must call the restaurant when you’re running late or you risk losing your table. Is it worth it? That would be a resounding yes if you enjoy contemporary Italian dishes (and bread, wine, and desserts). Uccellino is the perfect place for a date night or a special occasion.

Otto, 11405 95 Street NW

Otto has only been open for two months, but every beer drinker in Edmonton seems to be a fan of it already. The menu here is simple: A selection of German sausages, some sides and sweets, and a full bar. But at Otto, it’s all about quality over quantity. This is a great place to gather with a group of friends after work.

Pho Boy, 10037B 82 Avenue

Pho Boy popped up about two months ago in a space that once belonged to B’s Diner. Pho connoisseurs and novices alike agree that the noodle soup here is flavorful and a perfect fast lunch or dinner or a busy day. And if you’re not a pho fan, you’re free to select from the other Vietnamese street food on the menu here. The Legend Rolls (fried spring rolls) and vermicelli noodle dishes are delightful.

Takami Sushi, 10430 61 Avenue NW

Takami Sushi is brand new—they’ve only been open for a month. The focus here is on using the freshest fish, and the sashimi here is to die for. Their ingredients are sourced only from Japan, so you can be sure you’re getting authentic flavor. The ambiance here is somewhere between casual and fine dining. But if you’d rather enjoy your sushi at home, you can order Takami through Uber Eats.

Bundok, 10228 104th St.

Bundok opened in January, and the chef, Ryan Hotchkiss, has gone to great lengths to create a delicious and adventurous menu. From fried chicken skin to grilled game hen, you’ll find a limited but intriguing selection here. Like any new restaurant, this one still seems to have a few details to work out, but Bundok’s earliest dining patrons seem very happy with the experience. This is a great place to bring out of town guests who consider themselves foodies.

Doughnut Party, 10938-119 Street

No matter how healthy of a lifestyle we live, we all have days where nothing but a donut will do. Six weeks ago this adorable donut shop opened in Edmonton, and it’s a quick nine-minute drive from The Hendrix. The city has given them a very warm welcome, and sometimes they sell out of donuts long before their 1:30 PM closing time. Get there early if you want the flavor you’re craving.

 Now that we’ve given you a brief restaurant tour, we’d love to give you a tour of The Hendrix. Just let us know when you’re available.

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